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Project Roles Registered on
byterazors redmine Manager 02/11/2024
EventManager Manager, Developer 02/11/2024
Homeautomation Manager 02/11/2024
FHEM Container Manager, Developer 02/11/2024
FHEM Ntfy Manager, Developer 02/11/2024
libtree Manager, Developer 02/13/2024
redmine-api-cpp Manager 02/18/2024
Webhook2Ntfy Manager 03/11/2024



10:12 PM Webhook2Ntfy Support #47 (New): Create Wiki with at least one example deployment
Dominik Meyer
10:09 PM Webhook2Ntfy Feature #46 (New): repository for container image
- create repository for container image
- push container image to in CI/CD
Dominik Meyer
10:08 PM Webhook2Ntfy Feature #45 (New): Parse Issue Information in more detail
Provide information about the ticket/ issue status like new, inprogress, ... Dominik Meyer
10:06 PM Webhook2Ntfy Feature #44 (New): Provide template support
Support adapting the notifications using template files Dominik Meyer
10:03 PM Webhook2Ntfy Bug #43 (New): Missing Git Repository
Dominik Meyer
09:57 PM Webhook2Ntfy Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)
Dominik Meyer


06:35 PM FHEM Ntfy Feature #33 (Closed): Provide Version Information as Internal
Dominik Meyer
04:58 PM FHEM Ntfy Bug #32 (Closed): nocheinmal wrong json
Dominik Meyer
04:58 PM FHEM Ntfy Bug #19 (Closed): wrong json format -> priority must be a number not a string
Dominik Meyer


08:14 AM FHEM Ntfy Feature #40 (New): Support action buttons
Dominik Meyer

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